Who We Are

Everybody wants to come home from work, safe and well, to their loved ones.  It is commonplace for people to wear protective gloves and shoes and to be mindful for trip hazards and electrical dangers.  The awareness of these hazards to the everyday person has risen steadily over the last twenty years, but the awareness of the hazards of gases has not.

Many people work in environments where gas hazards can occur, more than you would imagine, and it can be really difficult for people to recognise the danger.  In the investigations into so many gas related injuries the findings are that the people who got hurt did not recognise the danger they were in. Many gases cannot be seen, smelt or sensed in any way without some kind of device.

At 3Bz we want people to be able to recognise the dangers they face with gases which may occur in their surroundings.  We want them to be able to recognise the potential danger, which they face.

We want to make gas safety easy and intuitive by simplifying the risks to be easily understood, in much the same way someone would understand the danger of a live electric cable lying on a factory floor.

Standards like BS EN 60079-29-2:2015 dealing with explosive atmospheres recommend that solutions are found by consultation with those who have a knowledge of gas dispersion, those who have a knowledge of the process plant system and equipment involved, and safety and engineering personnel.  

It is not easy to get expert advice on such a niche area as gas dispersion and safety.  Manufacturers of gas detection equipment are more familiar with electronics and sensing technology than gas hazards and gas properties.  This is what 3Bz do.

Starting with listening to the issues and auditing the application, we provide strategic level consulting and advice resulting in planning and implementation of an easily understood solution to the problem.  

This can include writing safety procedures, and processes, impartially recommending and specifying suitable equipment from that available on the market, to providing both detailed and abridged gas safety training for managers, staff and safety professionals.

Phil Saxton graduated from the University of Birmingham with an honours degree in Chemistry in 1987 and has been working with gas detection for over 30 years.  He has worked with a number of manufacturers including Draeger, Rae Systems and Crowcon.

He has provided gas detection advice and solutions to industries as diverse as Brewing, Oil and Gas, Frozen Foods, Hospitals, Refrigeration, Water supply, Power generation, Hospitality, sewage treatment, chemicals and shipping, to name but a few. 

He has an MBA from Oxford Brookes University and has worked with gas safety applications in Europe, Asia, North America, India and the Middle East.