3Bz can survey a site, a process or an area and provide advice on the likely source and dispersion of gas hazards, this will be summarised in a report.

Gas Mapping

3Bz can provide detailed indications of potential gas dispersion and movements over time from potential leakage points and summarise in a report.

Hazard Identification

3Bz can help identify potential gas hazards and verify the risk assessment created for gas hazards by those with a knowledge of the plant and/or process. This can be documented in a report as the basis for a gas detection system design.

Planning and System Design

3Bz can recommend suitable fixed gas detectors and design and document a system to detect gas hazards in an area and provide suitable alarm and possibly shutdown/mitigation steps.

Equipment Recommendation

3Bz can recommend suitable equipment from a variety of manufacturers to meet requirements of the system design.

In every case 3Bz provide the expert knowledge of what the gas hazard is and how to protect against the hazard and mitigate the risk, giving you the peace of mind that you have protected your plant and people, and providing the documentation to support the decisions you have made in creating your safety case.

3Bz provide reassurance that the risk has been taken seriously and suitable prevention steps taken to meet your duty of care to your people.