In the future it is always raining

For people who live in the United Kingdom the idea of a world where it is always raining is not such a foreign concept, but when Ridley Scotts dystopian vision of 2019 Los Angeles was depicted in the movie “Blade Runner” this seemed a very strange idea indeed, and just added to the dark brooding nat...

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The mysterious case of gases appearing underground

It seems well accepted by people who work in underground environments, often confined spaces, that there is the possibility of finding gases there, such as methane and hydrogen sulphide, but does anyone actually know how they got there?


Cue the music and call for Sherlock!


Lets start by lo...

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10 things which make gases more dangerous than a raptor riding a shark with a machine gun!

Being safe around gases is a health and safety topic all of its own, but did you ever wonder why gases are considered so dangerous?  Here are ten good reasons;


1.  Gases don’t stay where you put them!  The biggest difference between a gas and a liquid is that a liquid (pretty muc...

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No Room For Error

Since the introduction of the COSHH legislation in 1988 and the confined space regulations in 1998 it has become increasingly common for organisations to use portable personal multi-channel gas detectors to protect their people.  These devices should be configured to meet the specific gas risks...

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Designing a detection system for ammonia

The very first gas detection system I ever specified, back in 1994, was for Morlands Brewery in Abingdon.  Long since closed now, they had a refrigeration plant and wanted to detect for ammonia around it.


Ammonia is commonly used as a refrigerant and poses some interesting questions when i...

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